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Passionate Worship for the Soul
Artist: Any Given Day
Label: BEC Recordings
Length: 13 tracks/48:07 minutes

I Cry Out (sample)
Spirit of the Living God (sample)
Light the Fire Again (sample)

It seems everywhere you look in Christian modern music, someone is producing a praise and worship track. Some of the best single tracks from recent albums have been worship songs. Is praise and worship music the next big trend?

Jason Carson, the Supertones' drummer extraordinaire, and worship leader Andrew Bray don't seem to care whether or not this is the trendy thing to do. The two have collaborated on this disc, a project designed to present the same spirit and mood of worship that is present during the worship segments of Supertones concerts.

Those who hear the Supertones connection, and who are unfamiliar with the Supertones' concert set, may expect a ska worship album, similar to the Insyderz' projects. This is not the case. The music is sparsely arranged, acoustic-based, at times reminding one of Glenn Kaiser's worship discs. Unlike Kaiser, however, the two don't perform their own material, instead covering many recent worship classics, as well as some lesser-known songs.

The vocals are eerily similar to what you might expect from bands such as Sister Hazel or Hootie and the Blowfish. On several tracks, there is an unidentified yet beautiful female background vocal. At times the instrumentation, which generally consists of an acoustic guitar, a piano, a bass guitar, and drums, reminds me of similar college-rock bands. The entire disc seems it would flow well for collegiate Bible study groups, as well as youth groups looking for something slightly different from the flood of youth-oriented rock praise discs available.

As would be expected from any album covering modern classics of the genre, the disc includes cuts such as "I Stand in Awe," "Shout to the Lord." "Lord I Lift Your Name on High," and "I Love You, Lord." The album has such a remarkable consistency that it becomes impossible to pick out any stand-out tracks, because they are all so great.

This album presents solid worship, from beginning to end. Envelop yourself in the presence of  God, and worship Him with Andrew and Jason through this album.

Josh Marihugh 11/2/99

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