The Phantom Tollbooth

Walking on the Water
Artist: Two or More
Label: Pamplin
Length: 10 songs/43:52 minutes
Two or More's latest project proves that Christian bands can still produce powerful instrumental tracks. But along with this is a lyrical depth to important messages for both the church and the world at large.
Three brothers, Eddie, Renatto, and Walter Aquas, comprise Two or More. They began their rock music careers back in high school with friend Lance Mowdy who witnessed about Christianity to the brothers until finally they were singing about God. Mowdy left Two or More after the release of their first project, Life in the Diamond Lane, to go on staff at a church leaving the three Aquas brothers to carry on in this their second release.
The first half of the project is a mix of slower songs intertwined with the energetic beats that made their first project such a success. Many of these songs sound like a subdued version of Dire Straits, INXS, Stryper, Cindi Lauper, Eddie Money or possibly even Crosby, Stills & Nash. In fact, the song where the band's talents seem to shine through the most is a remake of “Hole Hearted,” put out in the late 80’s by a group called Extreme. The first six songs could all be classified as praise on the theme God and his grace, delivered with elation.
The next song, “ Forefathers,” pivots the entire project into a different  mood, one of worry for a world gone wrong. They say: The record ends with three slower songs that unfortunately do not show the true strengths and abilities of this group. They are overproduced, placing more focus on the sound of the music than the meaning of the songs and the vocals. The one bright spot on these last group is "The Reign is Over" thanks to a fun, catchy chorus and rousing druming. While the project is fairly decent overall, it’s a shame they couldn’t continue the feeling of the first half into the second.
By Cathy Courtwright (3/12/99)