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Where to Buy this Music
  • City Lights

  • This is our favorite place to buy music. They have a hugh selection which incudes indie, reasonable prices, a great staff and are more than will to send the stuff out to you.
  • Blastbeats

  • New and used music.
  • Christian Music Products

  • Australia Music Store
  • The Crossing

  • New and used music
  • Radrockers

  • They specializes in the bargain basement and hard-to-find merchandise. Their hard-to-find stuff is expensive.
  • Shaver Audio & Video

  • New & Used Music
  • Music Buying Freak

  • There are those who have the treasure hunting disease; those who are obsessed with a particular release, band, or genre; those who want to find the absolute best deal (aka cheapskates); completists; audiophiles; fans (fanatics); and many other varieties. These are the MUSIC BUYING FREAKS. If this sounds like you, then get comfortable, cuz baby, you're home
  • Accorndirect

  • A great place to buy the music from Great Britian
  • Gold Records USA

  • The Best in Praise & Worship CDs
  • Paste Music

  • A place for some great indie music including VOL, Monk, Dog Named David, Matt Jones, Robert Deeble, Jennifer Daniels, and Sleeperhold.
  • The River Of Life

  • Specializes in worship resources
  • Magic Music

  • Interesting mixed selection
  • Amazon

  • You're familiar with them

  • Dedicated to distributing music from independant artists and churches from around the world. 
  • Niffy Music

  • Some of everything
  • Soundmass 

  • Australia & New Zealand Music Store
  • Christian Music Downloads

  •  A Christian rock music site containing music reviews, news on upcoming bands, tour dates and MP3's.
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