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Battle: Los Angeles  (last updated 3/17/2011)
Just To The Right of the Heart
Beastly  (last updated 3/14/2011)
Arrogance Pays A Price

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules   (last updated 3/31/2011)
Looking for some family fun at the theater this weekend? Then grab a ticket for Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.
Harvest  (last updated 3/31/2011)
A Time For Love
Hop    (last updated 3/31/2011)
Santa Clause gets all sorts of movies made about him yet very few are crafted around the egg bearing, trail hopping, fuzzy tailed bunny. I am not sure why though. 
The Illusionist (DVD: PAL, 5.1)   (last updated 3/27/2011)
Visual treat puts Jacques Tati inside Belleville – or the other way round?
The Lincoln Lawyer  (last updated 3/20/2011)
Films with any sort of depth are often rare this time of year so I was very pleased to see this one deliver. 
Rango  (last updated 3/14/2011)
Range Riot
Sucker Punch    (last updated 3/23/2011)
Some movies are like beautiful people. You love to sit and look at them but too often they open their mouths and ruin it all. 
Win Win   (last updated 3/17/2011)
Tom McCarthy is quickly becoming my favorite screenwriter/director. Not because he makes epic films with cutting edge graphics and imagery that tingles the senses. But because he has the uncanny ability to take an everyday character, put him in everyday situations and make it both endearing and entertaining.
Winter’s Bone (DVD) (last updated 3/27/2011)
Jennifer Lawrence shows steely grit in her desperate search.

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 Many Christians go to the movies more than they go to church and film has been called the most powerful narrative experience  of our time. That is why we have expanded our magazine to include movie reviews. Our mailist is the place for fans, critics, and thinkers of great thoughts to hash through the implications of what they see, especially as it relates to their faith. You can give feedback on our reviews, or share your own opinions
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