Best and Worst Films of 2023, and Best Indie Films of 2023

Best and Worst Films of 2023, and Best Indie Films of 2023

Best and Worst Films of 2023, and Best Indie Films of 2023 Compiled by Marie Asner

Another year rolls along and it is time to go through the list of films out in 2023. This list contains three lists of films from 2023.  The first is the Best Films of 2023, the second is The Worst Films of 2023 and the third and final list is the remarkable Indie Films of 2023. Enjoy.

Going to the movies has gone downhill this year, although blockbusters such as “Mission Impossible: Part One” and “The Flash” had good box office. However, it is how the movie appeals to the audience that counts. Cry your way through the film or walk out of theater, there is always a choice.

Here are my selections for Best Films of 2023 arranged in Alphabetical Order

Barbie---who would have thought a doll would have a high attendance film to add to her wardrobe, and Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken. Pink was the color for 2023.

Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny ---Harrison Ford is one never-give-up actor and took the reins of this film to the top. Indiana Jones has become popular again and so is his hat and the soundtrack by John Williams in only too familiar.

Jules---a smaller film that gave Sir Ben Kingsley and Jane Curtin room to do their thing in this tongue-in-cheek of meeting a space alien.

Killer of the Tiger Moon---Adapted from the best-selling book, an almost four-hour film will bring back the intermission, if you can still get out of your theater seat even then. The Osage Tribe from Oklahoma gives their story and what tragically happened in the early 1920’s. 80-uear-old Martin Scorsese directed.

Maestro---Director/star Bradley Cooper gives his all by acting the role of Leonard Bernstein. A revealing story of his marriage and his wife played by Carey Mulligan. Insight to the world of talent and classical music.

Mission Impossible-Part One---Have to wait until the end of 2024 for Part Two (hopefully, no longer) and what happens in the world of Tom Cruise as he goes from one stunt to another.  Does the man ever sleep? Breathtaking photography.

Napoleon---Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of the Emperor of France who knew how to go to battle, but not how to lose. Intriguing look into politics of that day. Vanessa Kirby plays Josephine.

The Color Purple---a musical based on the film based on the book. Wonderful look at life in the early South and interplay of emotions. Wonderful music.

The Iron Claw---based on the story of a family who produced champion male wrestlers, but had their own difficulties and sorrow to go through. A look at behind the scenes into what goes into making a champion wrestler.

Zone of Interest---foreign language film based on the life of a Comandante of one of the Hitler extermination camps and how some of the military at a particular camp chose to live. Heart breaking.

Also Ran:

Emily---the story of Emily Bronte, one of the talented Bronte sisters who was also a writer and how to be published in a world of male dominance.

Stettler’s---documentary on village life in the middle of the century in Russia and what happened to the descendants.

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The Worst Films of 2023 in Alphabetical Order compiled by Marie Asner

Time to go to the back of the row and see what did not make it at the box office. There are the usual horror flicks, almost-comedy and even atomic energy. Yes, “Oppenheimer” is on the list. Almost atomic.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom---should have remained lost with all maps destroyed.

Beau Is Afraid---Joaquin Phoenix has two films out this year. One is a winner (“Napoleon”) and this one is not.

Cocaine Bear---call the humane society as some people out there just might try this on a wild bear.

Mafia Mamma---Toni Colletti in a comedy about the Mafia and a plot that goes nowhere.

May/December---script tried to show something about an askew marriage.

Oppenheimer---could have been much more, but sex scenes were not needed here.  Good thing the “fire button” was nowhere nearby.

Saltburn---unusual script with unusual ending, but lost audience in the meantime.

Scream VI---need I write more?  It definitely was not needed in movie theaters.

The Creator---a fanciful science fiction film about AI and if AI wrote the script, theater seats will be empty.

The Mother---Jennifer Lopez should have by-passed this script. Mascara in the wilderness?

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Indie Films of 2023 and a fine collection it is. Arranged in Alphabetical Order.

Hayseed---comedy/drama on how to investigate an accident/murder in a small town when the deceased is a minister.

Stettlers---documentary on small village life in Russia in the midst of the past century. Neighbors helped neighbors and what happened after WWII.

The Other Side of Darkness---beautifully photographed film of a young woman finding lost family only to discover something else.

Tiger Within—Edward Asner’s last film in which he portrays an older Jewish man mourning the loss of his wife, yet trying to help a street girl find her true self.

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