Artist: World Wide Message Tribe 
Label: Warner Alliance 
This pop/dance album from World Wide Message Tribe, an English dance band, is sure to start your soul singing and your feet dancing.  Revived is a  greatest hits release.  It features two new songs, "Alleluia" and "O Come All Ye Faithful," five remixes ("Reach for Heaven," "I'm on My Way to Zion," "Peace," "Nobody Knows," and "There is a Green Hill"), and many concert favorites which were re-recorded on their recent US tour. Current fans won't find many surprises.  A couple of the tracks are from out-of-print albums, which gives recent fans a chance to pick up these old favorites.  Since this group teaches religious education classes in England's public schools, which end with a Friday night concert, the lyrics are of the evangelistic praise variety, but the infectious, danceable beat of this album should convince you that praise music doesn't have to be boring. Pick up this gem, and you'll dance all the way home.-----Shari Lloyd 
(not enough new material to be a 5)