The Future Is Jesus 
Artist: Wondercub 
Label: UK indie ( 

I saw these guys play as part of a road show event, where they did a couple of short sets. The lead singer introduced the band by saying, "We're a bit of a punk band." I don't know what school of punk he's been listening to, but that is one thing they're not. 
What they are is a group of guitar pop-rockers, owing some things to the britpop crowd of the last couple of years. The sound sticks pretty much to the clean/restrained verse, distorted/energetic chorus style of arrangement, while the vocals remind me slightly of Keith Ayling from Kato mixed with a less whiney Liam Gallagher (Oasis). 
The songs show a little promise, but the recording doesn't really allow them to make much of an impact. The lyrics are overtly Christian and contain a few good hooks, but lack the maturity that will come from more experience. 

This EP really makes me think 'demo.' The recording and songs show the band to be a fairly young outfit, and this six-track set would be better to distribute to potential promoters than as a commercial product. 

By James Stewart  

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