Josh and the Big Wall (Video)
Big Idea Productions
Finally, another adventure from your lovable Veggie Tale friends.  Big Idea puts out some of the best animated stories around.  Josh and the Big Wall, their ninth, is no exception.  It has everything you loved about the previous stories and then some.  

This tale finds them returning to the Bible for the story of Joshua, utilizing it to explore whether it's better to do things your way or God's way.  Larry is cast as Joshua.  You'll run into peas with French accents, Slushie attacks, rockets, and more. Then there are the usual songs that keep running through your head for days on end:    

    We don't have a lot of fun in the desert.
    We don't have a lot of fun in the sand.
    But saddle up your cow,
    And fall behind us now,
    Because we are going to the Promised Land.
 And of course, what would the Veggie Tales be without "A Silly Song from Larry?" This time it's the "Song of the Cebu."  Don't know what a "Cebu" is?  Get the video.  We can't give it all away.-----Shari Lloyd