Tha Hoodlum's Testimony 
Artist: T-Bone 
Label: Metro One 
By: Shari Lloyd 

 I like hearing people's stories.  I guess that's why I publish a magazine.  This is the 3rd release for this Latino rapper from San Francisco and as one might expect from the title, Tha Hoodlum's Testimony, it tells T-Bone's personal story.  This is done by the interspersing of narratives from T-Bone's story with the songs.  The introduction at the beginning is done in the best epic tradition.  There are a lot of tempo changes from the very smooth rap to the rougher traditional rap with some great rhymes.  The musical instrumentation varies from jazzy, to funky, to melodic.  "Straighten It Out," "Demon Executor," "Tomorrow's Not Promised," and "Keep on Praising" were my favorites. The only drawback is too much emphasis on T-bone's problems which, while realistic, gets tiring by the end of the album.  As far as rap goes, though, it's still a excellent album.  Give it a listen! 

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