Artist: Trammell Starks 
Label: Pamplin Music 

Trammell Starks is the creator and producer of Pamplin Music's Simplicity  series. After twelve classical projects, Trammell decided to explore a  more modern vein of music.  While Trammel may be unknown to many, he has spent twenty years touring with Peabo Bryson, Roberta Flack, Patti Labelle, and Jennifer Holliday, to name a few. As Trammell says, "What I've done on this particular project is take a lot of standard hymns and given them a very contemporary instrumental treatment using a lot of keyboards. By way of explanation , it's as if you took the style of music that someone like John Tesh or Yanni is creating and applied it to hymns."  This perfectly describes Sanctuary. Fans of new age or piano music will find this right up their alley.  You'll find familiar old favorites such as "Amazing Grace," "Jesus Loves Me," and " Blessed Assurance" to name a few. The quality and production are excellent and the overall mood is very calming and introspective. 

By Shari Lloyd