In Spirit and in Truth - 11 New Songs of Worship for the Church 
Artist: Various 
Label: ICC Records 

Around the UK there are lots of songwriters writing worship songs for use within their church - some of which are very high quality. There have been a number of attempts by the 'Christian' record labels to tap into this grassroots level of songwriting - and this is the latest. 

A few 'name' session musicians have been gathered to record these songs, and the standard of playing can't be faulted. I'm not actually sure how successful the label has been, however, in locating songwriters who are new to the CD buying public - David Lyon, Geoff Baker, Johnny Markin, and Robin Mark were all familiar names to me, although David Woodman and Sue Howson I hadn't heard of. The production isn't bad, although the songs do tend to head into generic praise and worship territory as time goes on--the fairly bland electric guitars, predictable keyboards etc. Even the usually excellent bass playing of Mowf (ex-Eden Burning) didn't liven the project up for me. 
The lyrics will probably be popular in churches, but there is nothing outstanding to report. This may be a good bet if you are looking for a few new praise and worship songs for your church, but it's too predictable for my tastes. 
By James Stewart