Different Strokes For Different Folks 
Artist: Various 
Label: Independent 

The huge number of underground bands emerging in the US is difficult to keep up with, especially for those of us on the other side of the ocean.  So I always enjoy receiving compilations like this. 

Unfortunately, they're always hit and miss affairs.  It doesn't help that most of the bands on this compilation are about as "underground" as you can get.  At first, I wasn't terribly impressed by many of the artists, but further listening has changed my mind about some tracks.  Bicycle Grindstone present a track called "Falling Down" which builds from a very Michael Stipe-esque voice over a barren soundscape of a bass-end drone with occasional guitar arpeggios.  This sounded very promising, but the effect was a little spoiled for me when it developed into more standard rock halfway through the track.  Most of the tracks have a raw alternative rock feel - from acoustic rock to some ska - but the most experimental tracks are definitely the high points (credit is due to Masada and Refuge for 
performing two of the better tracks). 

Most of the lyrics are overtly Christian, a mix between evangelistic and "talking to God" type lyrics.  The quality here varies widely again, but there is a general need for development. 

There is a gap between being a good live band and being able to transfer that into a good, interesting recording; this album illustrates that gap well. -----By James Stewart 

Contact: (Peacewear@aol.com) 

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