Demonstrations of Love 
Artist: Various artists 
Label: PRISM/ESA Records 
By: Linda T. Stonehocker 

PRISM magazine, "America's AlternativeEvangelical Voice" published by Evangelicals for Social Action, has put out a benefit CD entitled Demonstrations of Love. With contributions from Steve Taylor, Vigilantes of Love, Randy Stonehill, Noel Paul Stookey, and the late Rich Mullins, it takes the magazine's mission to heart:  "to challenge and inform Christians as they strive to integrate the biblical call to spiritual formation, evangelism, and social change." The project has a few weak spots and the styles are a hodge-podge, but this is an opportunity to be challenged by or introduced to some of the most intelligent Christian musical artists of the day. I find myself returning again and again to this CD, and coming away with a new favorite after each listen. The CD is $17. For $20, you'll also receive a one year subscription to PRISM.  

10 E. Lancaster Ave. 
Wynnewood, PA 19096-3496 
1-800-650-6600 for Visa or Master Card.  
Song List 
"Remarks to Mr. McLuhan" - Ramona Silver 
"Works of Love" - Jan Krist 
"God, Inc." - Rick Elias 
"There You Are" - sung by Mitch McVicker, from Rich Mullins' "Canticle of the Plain" 
"Anything for You" - Phil Maderia 
"Tip of My Tongue" - Mark Heard 
"Mark's Song" - Randy Stonehill 
"Hero's Wind" - Dave Perkins 
"The Moshing Floor" - Steve Taylor 
"Moses" - Nick Giaconia 
"Aliens" - Jimmy A 
"The Good Life" - Ashley Cleveland & Kenny Greenberg 
"Hopeless is as Hopeless Does" - Vigilantes of Love 
"Audrey" - Mike Roe 
"Glory (Slo Glo 1) - Brian Healy with Sean Doty 
"Happy Tonight" -  Noel Paul Stookey & BodyWorks 

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