My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy 
Artist: Disciple  
Label: Warner Resound 
Expectations are bad. Somebody said these guys were for fans of Precious Death and Galactic Cowboys. Sure, if you don't mind taking away most of the musical ability, song-writing skills, and intelligent lyrics. What's left? Heavy guitars and standard aggro-alternative vocals. Not bad, not good, just there. The production is crisp and the guitar tone has plenty of crunch, but they fail to raise any interest in this hardened hard music fan. 
The title cut, "My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy," proclaims "God is good, God is good, He's so freakin' awesome," and then wraps up with the totally unnecessary repetition of the song's title in reference to Christianity vs. other religions. It may be true, but that's hardly the way to evangelize (unfortunately, the disc ends with the same haughty tone).  One dull, repetitive track follows, then an okay acoustic tune with "Fill My Shoes." Next is an okay grunge song. Finally, you get "Easter Bunny," about rebuking social religion (Santa & the Bunny) in favor of celebrating Christ instead (which I'd still consider social religion, but no time for that here).  It's kind of a catchy tune. 

Overall, I'd say this 18-minute EP is a slight improvement over their indie debut (almost entirely due to production), but it'll take a couple more albums before I become a disciple of this band.-----Josh Spencer  

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