Live and in the Can 
Artist: Delirious? 
Label: Furious? Records  

Delirious? are very much a live phenomenon.  Their shows are known for "spontaneous songs" (songs written as the band improvises on stage) and for a strong spiritual emphasis.  This project (the first released under the name Delirious?) attempts to capture that live show. To an extent it succeeds.  The album is built around a number of songs from the "Cutting Edge" series of albums ("I've Found Jesus," "I'm Not Ashamed," "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble," "Obsession") most of which have Delirious?'s trademark sound combining early U2 with some more recent influences (particularly Radiohead).  "Obsession" contains some e-bow sections which are reminiscent of Iona, but my favourite track has to be "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble," for its powerful lyrics and strong melody (plus it's fun to play along with on the guitar). 

Interspersed liberally with the songs are sections of "spontaneous songs" which, while they capture the atmosphere of a live show, do seem to fragment the album somewhat.  In the end I was left looking for more actual songs.  A good souvenir for anyone who liked Delirious? live, but this album probably wouldn't be a good introduction to this band.-----James Stewart