Lux Aeterna
Artist: David Fitzgerald
Label: ICC Records (UK) 

David Fitzgerald will probably be best known to readers as a founding member of Iona, but since he left them several years ago he has moved beyond their sound, taking in more classical influences and developing his own musicianship through a music degree. This album utilizes ideas related to the concept of God being light (the title means "Eternal Light") to take us through significant events in the life of Christ via a mixture of songs and instrumentals. The music is very atmospheric in nature and is heavily driven by the woodwind talents of Fitzgerald. Choirs and classical singers are used to good effect alongside traditional and simple instruments.  Add a dash of the more hi-tech and the result is an amazingly powerful album which immerses you in the emotions of the performers and the events they are singing about. A standout track for me is the sometimes disturbing, instrumental "Golgotha," which places a haunting saxophone on top of a delicate soundscape and powerfully conveys the images of pain with which the title is associated. -----James Stewart