Champion Of The World - Live At Wembley Stadium 
Artist: Various artists 
Label: Kingsway Music (UK) 
By: James Stewart 

Not really alternative music but this album is certain to shift a large number of units here in the UK so I thought it deserved a review. In June 1997, 45,000+ people gathered for the biggest praise and worship events in British history. They were led in worship by a variety of well-known worship leaders including Delirious?, Matt Redman, Noel Richards and Sue Rinaldi. Despite personal misgivings about the organization, presentation, and theology of the event, I was interested to hear how it would come across on CD; so I eagerly accepted a copy.  Featured on the album are tracks from Noel Richards, Matt Redman, Wayne Drain, The Wades, Sue Rinaldi and Chris Falson, a fair cross section of the worship leaders at the event, although I was disappointed by the lack of Delirious? tracks. The songs themselves are mainly popular worship songs which are recorded in other places and so suffer here, as at the event, from being drawn out to excessive length. Matt Redman comes across best, but the quality of the recording is not wonderful, even for a live album. This CD isn't really anything more than a keepsake for those who attended the event. 

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