Things We're Handed Down 
Artist: Jim Bullard 
Label: Genesis Records 

At the very center of popular acceptability lies the group Glad, whose smooth harmonies have made them a mainstay for polyester-clad church audiences everywhere. Glad's baritone Jim Bullard takes a few steps away from the safety of the center towards the edge in this, his first solo project. He has recently been opening for Glad, and this project would be a nice keepsake of such a performance. It is superbly produced by Lane Smith, most noted for the accompaniment tracks he creates and sells through Christian bookstores. For the most part, the album is a soothing collection of spiritual encouragement and appreciation of God's blessings, but the more Smith lets Bullard let go, the better The Things We've Handed Down works. The rhythmic groove of "The Least That I Can Do" makes it stand out so much that a brief hidden reprise is a welcome ending to the CD. The classic rock sensibilities of "Mercy Seat" will be well-received, as will "He'll Be There," and "By and By," but rest assured Bullard does nothing to alienate his core audience of Glad fans. -----Linda Stonehocker 



This is the first solo effort of Jim Bullard from the group Glad.  The  music is similar to Glad's Color Outside the Lines or 4Him, but with a more acoustic sound.  Unfortunately, it lacks the catchy hooks of 4Him's "The Ride" or Glad's "Color Outside the Lines," which makes their music so accessible.  After a few listens, though, the hooks become more noticeable; they just don't keep running through your mind for hours afterwards.  Most of the lyrics talk about a relationship with God but seem to deal with life on a superficial level rather than get to the depth of what it means to live a Christian life.   
While Bullard has a pleasant voice, his voice seems to work best when it's blended in harmony with other male voices.  On "Nothing Else" Bullard sings a duet with Kelly Willard, and her voice seems stronger than his! This would be fine if this was her album, but it's not.  Don't get me wrong.  This isn't a bad album.  If you like 4Him and Glad, you'll enjoy this.  However, in a genre that includes so many male singers with great voices, the music comes across as average.-----Shari Lloyd