Artist: Broomtree 
Label: Rustproof Records 

She calls it, "hard and happy chick music," and laughs. Kylie Schlig is female, but nobody's chick. Kylie Schlig is the real deal. A poet and guitar student long before she decided to head up a rock 'n roll band, she wasn't manufactured or packaged by anyone besides herself, and her redeemer. She's assembled a tight, loud four-piece to flood her songs with a buzz so solid you can lean on it in concert. Simple, direct lyrics intended to reach her peers don't offer much intellectual depth, but do connect with her audience. The tempo is upbeat and there are several radio-friendly numbers destined to become hits including "Flower in Mud," "Save You," and "Without You."  Her age will confine her to all-ages venues for now, but keep your eye on this babe.-----Linda T. Stonehocker 


"Davia!  You've come back to Dakoda Motor Co. and made a new record!  Oh, I love you sooo much....wait a minute, you aren't Davia.  What kind of  sick joke is this.....?"
Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh.  But the truth is like that sometimes, and it really does seem that Broomtree has come along to halfway fill the Dakoda Motor Co. void, with vocalist Kylie sounding quite similar to Davia (with perhaps a little less confidence).  The usual power pop alterna-guitars buzz along below her girlish singing, to make for good youth group ear candy.  Miss Angie blows this away, though, if that tells you anything.  One tune reminds me of Spooky Tuesday, another of Soulfood 76, yet a third of Julianna Hatfield (nah...not that good!).  Sprinklings of funk sparkle every once in a while.  The lyrics deal with emotions, relationships, looking to God, and so on, with plenty of hope and truth.  
A Broomtree sounds like it would be a unique thing to plant in one's CD collection, but I'd only recommend it for young ones just getting theirs started.  Chick rock, yeah!

By Josh Spencer