Believeable Picnic

Believable Picnic 
Artist: Believable Picnic
Label: Absolute Records 

Believable Picnic is a big sounding three piece band with driving guitars, a syncopated, alternative beat and layered vocal harmonies. Jade Hanson, the guitarist and lead vocalist of BP, is the older brother of Joel Hanson of PFR. Both bands seem to share influences like Queen and the Beatles. However, Believable Picnic has more punch and power behind the message than PFR. Produced by Dez Dickerson on his label, Absolute Records, this cd combines clear Christian lyrics with loud Christian fun. There is also similarities to King's X, but BP lacks the style and diversity of King's X. I look forward to the future releases to see what experience will add to their work. In the mean time, I've got some tasty stuff here with this Believable Picnic offering. --Tony La Fianza

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