Velvet Blue Music 
Artists: Various 
Label: Velvet Blue Music 

I'm not usually fond of compilations. The groups I like, I already own, and the rest are usually disappointing. Blue Velvet Music is an exception: very interesting music from mostly unknown artists that offers something for everybody. Techno, rockabilly, progressive, alternative, Blue Velvet covers today's music scene. I already own the Bloomsday and the Lassie Foundation projects. After hear them showcased, I will be looking for Rainbow Rider, Bond Voyage, and Crocodile CDs. -----Shari Lloyd 

Nationwide radio airplay is difficult for interesting music and impossible for Christian innovators. Compilations are gaining prominence as in inexpensive alternative. Blue Velvet music plays like an all-music hour of programming, not a bad way to stay "current." -----Linda Stonehocker 

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