Artist: Blindside
Label: Solid State/Tooth & Nail Records

In a recent issue of HM, Blindside said they're hoping in the future to "learn how to sing and how to play."  If they aren't any good, then the other Christian hardcore bands must be really bad!  I don't know what it is about Scandinavia, but some of the heaviest music in the world these days originates from those frozen nether regions, be it Christian or otherwise.  They must sit around inside and get hacked off that it's so cold, and then go make angry music to generate some heat.  These brethren smash out some furiously grinding rhythms for the metal and hardcore fan alike, calling to mind Korn, Zao, and Selfmindead (the last one being friends of theirs).  Vocals alternate between the typical shouts, rapcore, and a pained singing, with insightful lyrics like these from "Nerve":

    they are the liberated minds
    I'm a narrow minded fool
    why must it be
    that a discussion is about beating
    my mouth will be
    closed if there's no one seeking
These lyrics hit home more when you realize Blindside lives in a part of the world where many of the bands hate Christianity, some even going so far as to burn churches and kill believers.  Give thanks to Tooth & Nail for importing this band by going out and picking up a copy; it'll stoke the fire within on these cold winter days.-----Josh Spencer