Artist: The Bleed 
Label: Rugged Records 

This mystery band delivers a terrific hard alternative album with a dirty driving guitar sound. The record occasionally reminds one of STP but with a Godly world view. The songs are well written and encourage the listener to get out of our self-inflicted, selfish bubbles and find the truth and hope that God offers. The music is tight and loud: the record rocks! But who are these guys? The liner notes say "Produced...Written...and Performed by Nick Nack and Odd Job". Rumor has it that these two are from already well known bands but wanted to put out some new music, and chose a new identity to avoid comparisons to their other bands. I don't have a clue who they are, but I hope they put out some more Bleed music! Check it out and play along; can you guess who our mystery hosts are? --Tony La Fianza  

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I think this anonymous two-man project is supposed to be a couple of Christian hard-rock mainstays making an authentic "alternative" album. Hmm. They've succeeded to some degree, with frequent Alice in Chains-type vocal harmonies and some simple grunge sounds, but the vocals occasionally relapse into hard rock land, and the chord progressions (even with the grunge tones) often bring to mind recent Guardian, Holy Soldier, even Lovewar The players could very well be guys from one or more of those bands. I'd recommend it first to Alice in Chains fans, then to those hard rock fans who can roll with the times. -- Josh Spencer  

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