Take Time to listen III 

Take Time to Listen Vol. III - Music for Meals 
Artist: Various 
Label: 5 Minute Walk 

This couldn't have come out at a better time. With The Electrics, Rose Blossom Punch, Johnny Respect appearing at Summer Festivals, this sampler gives us a taste of what these groups might sound like beforehand. The sounds range from folk to rock to ska . The label's new material is blended in with indies and live recordings to create a very listenable CD. Highlights are Sheri Youngward (whose songs show dramatic improvement from Take Time to Listen II), "Get to Heaven" a lively, toe-tapping fun song by The Electrics, and "Based on a True Story" by Rose Blossom Punch, led by Aaron Sprinkle (formerly of Poor Old Lu). This last song continues to grow on me with every listen. This is a great buy for $3.98. -----Shari Lloyd  

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