3 Car Pile-up
Artist: 3 Car Pile-up
Label: Narrowpath Records

Okay, so this wasn't as good as I'd expected.  I had noticed a few positive reviews and catalog write-ups of this album, but the wide variety of comparisons given were what made me curious to hear it for myself.

What we have here is some average noise pop with decent vocals (sometimes kinda distorted).  On one song the singer's voice reminds me of Luxury. The production seems a tad fuzzy, and the constant symbol crashing (was that on purpose?) didn't help.  They make use of some spacey guitar and echo effects, which provides a little style, but basically all the songs sound the same to me....except for "Dweeb":

    When I was in grade school my friends made fun of me.
    They used to call me stupid names like Jesus boy's a freak.
    But I knew come Sunday I would be number one,
    Cause I knew all my verses and I would get some gum.

    I'm a dweeb for Jesus.
    I'm a dweeb for Jesus.

This tongue-in-cheek anthem takes on a pounding, arena-rock-through-an-alternative-lens personality, and I can't help but play it again and again.  It rocks. 

Most of their other lyrics are extremely simple, Christian phrase-filled stuff that didn't do much for my metaphor-lovin' mind.  The odd thing is the one song with the phrase "give a damn."  I don't have a problem with it, but it seems like the audience they're going for wouldn't care much for the word.

So other than "Dweeb," I wasn't too impressed.  Fans of Luxury, Driver Eight, and Lassie Foundation (heck, all the VBM bands) might want to check 'em out--could be just the musical accident they're looking for. -----Josh Spencer