The Phantom Tollbooth Press Release
June, Moon, Summer here Soon!
June 2011

We're nicely settled into our new digs, and are ready to entertain early-summer visitors with plenty of reading material! Pull over and visit.

Here are our writers' Picks of the Month:
Eisley, The Valley
Neal Morse, Testimony Two
John Michael Talbot, Worship and Bow Down
Concert Reviews
Iona Live at Milton Keynes
Love Song In Concert
Showbread In Concert
The Crossing - June 2011
Movie Reviews
Africa United (DVD)
KJB - The Book that Changed the World
Kung Fu Panda 2
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Something Borrowed
The Hangover Part 2
The Tunnel (DVD)
X-Men: First Class
Book Review
Neal Morse - Testimony
Music Reviews
Aradhna - Sau Guna
Eric Baker - Hope and Thin Space
Brenton Brown - Our God Is Near
Club d'Elf - Electric Moroccoland / So Below
Eisley - The Valley
Just As I Am: The Hymns of Ira Sankey
Jim Labriola - Heart Improvement
Marsalis, Branford and Joey Calderazzo - Songs of Mirth and Melancholy
Shawn McDonald - Closer
Neal Morse - Testimony two
Nazareth - 'Snaz
Nazareth - 2XS / Sound Elixir
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Unentitled
Jayme Stone - Room of Wonders
John Michael Talbot - Worship and Bow Down
The Violet Burning - The Story of our Lives
Tidewater – The Seas We Sail
Raymond Scott Woolson - Broken Things Mended

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