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Jonathan Butler Grace and Mercy album cover. A pleasant, unpretentious album that avoids the 'conveyer belt' feeling of many contemporary gospel projects, revealing the heart of the artist minus the histrionics.....

 Stan Butler Southern Soul BluesIt is strangely honest,  though certainly melodramatic, storytelling in song such as this that keeps me intrigued by Southern soul while commercial radio music once steeped in chronicling real life, like soul gospel and mainstream country, leave me wanting.  


Every so often, an angelic voice rises above the din of the modern music.

Cailyn Lloyd Progressive Rock. A journey of sound by Cailyn Lloyd on guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers and drums.

Cailyn voyagerProg meets classic and beyond – a voyage worth taking...

New vocal group includes former Avalon member

Capt BeefBeefheart was more of an instinctive artist – no less a harsh taskmaster than Zappa, but one whose genius was tapped from his inner child, albeit a pretty weird little child...

Caravan 90Under-rated mellow proggers turn in a highly rhythmic set that features some classic tracks. This band is a must for fans of Pink Floyd and Camel.

Am I crazy to compare them with Yes? This massive career retrospective of these mellow and oh-so-English proggers has plenty of highlights.

John Misunderstood Messiah 90

Card’s reflections on the life of Christ never get old

MarkCover 90Card’s insightful commentary inspires these songs.

matthew card 90In a world where the visual holds sway, Card remains word-oriented, concerned more with substance than style.

Jason Carter, Helsinki projectCarter's eclectic mix of flamenco, classical, world (and a little electronica) stretches from the snowfields of Finland to African deserts.

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