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Dave Brons goes for the gold on Based on a True Story…

Don’t assume that Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost is all tin whistles and dulcimers

Metamorphosis Erica BronwynYou have with this EP a collection of inspiring, catchy, well-produced songs suitable for radio airplay that range in style from R&B to rock to intelligent pop.


Love Lead the Way by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir album cover. A massive choir, great solos, and precise diction allow love to lead the way.

brothersThe Brothers are two actual brothers that seem to have a pre-occupation with making garage rock in basements.

Brenton Brown Our God Is Near as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth

Is the third time truly a charm? Fans of this transplanted South Africa-born worship leader certainly hope so.

Jackson Browne, Standing In The Breach as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooty

His message, like his song writing, remains strong.

Loved by critics, rock sound magpie Bruntnell writes songs about obscure subjects and Brexit. If Americana and surf had a child, fostered by psychedelic dream-pop, it might sound like this.



images.jpgBryan Duncan and Friends The Live experienceOur lunatic friend returns with a live recording of some things old, some things new, some things borrowed, and Carlisle, too....

 Luke Bryan "Most People Are Good" 

This gifted guitarist gives us powerful, aching blues with shades of Hendrix, Kossoff and Gary Moore.

Hearing this slowly evolving work, performed by a choir and saxophone quartet, is like watching summer clouds drift by.

The native New York singer-songwriter unleashes her inner Annie Lennox and Carly Simon as she gets inside stories of joy, hurt and struggle.

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