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For anyone who likes minimalism, this choral collection of psalms and folk songs really is essential listening.

 No one does Pärt like ECM and these seventeen voices create a collection as peaceful and pure as any I have yet heard.

Mark Wagner Need Love. Am I missing something? The great Nashville blender strikes again.

The Waifs Temptation as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothA gem on the most pressing topic of all time.

The caped crusader might now be best known for his piano work. What he did for “Morning has Broken,” he is now doing for carols.

The larger-than-life keyboard maestro strips it back for this excellent set of classics. Bowie, Beatles, 10cc, hymns, Gershwin, Yes and Fauré – all these and more are here in Wakeman’s distinctive style.

 A Wakeman ‘solo’ album with a difference, Starship Trooper sounds more like a band and features several cover versions.

He’s back, progging and free of vocals - at last.  

Wales Road Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt and Take My Life covers.   Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt has great message.

Evolving Seeds of Glory is an hour of inspirational prog that can be enjoyed with or without your own spiritual involvement                                                                                                                                

Two friends and early collaborators reunite on an excellent remake.

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