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Putumayo African Blues 90This highly enjoyable African blues-lite dives horizontally into the genre and should please fans of both blues and world music.

Ten leading female folk artists have come together to produce a rich, thoughtful and varied set of songs.

Celebrating the inspirational producer and songwriter 25 years from his early death is another, more Americana-based compilation of his brilliant poetic work, shot through with heavenly insight.

This review allows writer Jamie Lee Rake to explain the origins of his interest in R&B/R&P and how too often it ends up in spiritual fast food nation territory. 

This is about as representative a collection of early Silver Age Midwestern soul gospel group talent as one may hope to find.

Velasquez combines pop and worship with similar results to Michael W. Smith.

VerticaMore thoughtful than most industrial rock outings, more structurally interesting than most indie projects, The Haunted South features songs that make interesting transitions in unexpected places...

shake heaven_90

Multi-cultural worship shakes heaven and earth

Sunday Mornin SingineditedBluegrass and gospel, a marriage made in heaven

We Can Do Anything proves to be a misnomer.

pick-of-the-monthrobvischer meanttoloveRob Vischer has a voice that makes you remember the style of the 1970’s.

vision_streetfighter90 (Locked away since 1986, here's Vision's Streetfighter album. For better or worse, the late eighties are here again on this southern rock pre-prog project....


vision_streetfighter90 (WalThis re-discovered ‘80s rock, with Southern ‘70s influences, may have become dated, but it has done so with dignity.

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