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“A light that beckons world-weary strangers to come in and find rest.”

project martyrsA message well worth hearing, delivered by some of Christian Music's finest classic rock players...

 Easter liturgies, Phil Keaggy and a hint of Floyd all mash up in this brief, highly listenable collection.

remission flow, Rhythms of grace, Sounding somewhere between a rougher Chris Tomlin and a more electric Rend Collective, this Irish band rises above its limitations to make a warm, inspiring album that's enjoyable to listen to.

The Shilohs So Wild as reviewed in Phantom TollboothSo Wild is just that, a wild run through an LP full of emotion, excitement, reminiscence, and love.

This Kickstarter project has authentic lyrics and a raw, rootsy sound.

pick-of-the-monthtwenty committeeThe twenty Committee is a band that manages to escape the excesses of prog while delivering all of the expected musicianship and compositional complexity of the genre...

This band is a ‘classic era’ CCM super-group by any measure. Do these guys still have what it takes? Oh, yeah – they do. All involved have done nothing but hone their skills through the years…

This thoughtful folk collection – an English teacher’s dream – features supremely intelligent and moving content bathed in simplicity and atmosphere, often from a female perspective.



The Violet Burning Pentimento 1 and Pentimento 2 album covers. Michael knows you're miserable......
Michael knows just what you need.......

The Violet Burning reviewed in The Phantom TollboothAlways the discriminating artist, and like any good guitarist looking for that elusive guitar "sound", Pritzl has undertaken a huge, adventurous project here. It's even bigger considering TVB has forged their own path in the indie realm.

the story of our lives violet burning as reviewed at Phantom TollboothGrand in size, concept and richness of tone, this grower is a TVB high-point.

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