cigar chroniclesIn some ways Liberty N Justice could be considered the ultimate studio band.

The Cigar Chronicles
Liberty N Justice
Volume 1: The Covers: 13/54:59
Volume 2: The Originals: 13/53:21

In some ways Liberty N Justice could be considered the ultimate studio band.  Justin Murr is the only founding member of the band still around since its original lineup formed in 1992.  All tracks feature a plethora of guests from the rock and heavy metal worlds, and it is impossible to follow the players without a scorecard.  Murr claims that Liberty N Justice now has a full time band, but that was formed after the recording of this latest two disc project.

Volume 1 is comprised of cover tunes.  Like most cover projects, there are some songs that leave you scratching your head, and others that make you think “this really shouldn’t work, but somehow it does.”  “Ice Ice Baby” gets old fast, and “YMCA” is almost cringeworthy.  “I Can’t Dance” (Genesis) and “Dancing on the Ceiling” (Lionel Ritchie) don’t add anything to the originals.  The N*Sync tune “Bye Bye Bye” is interesting in a good way, and Kip Winger’s reworking of BeeGees staple “Stayin’ Alive” shines. 

Volume 2 is comprised of original songs, including what is believed to be Jami Lane’s (Warrant/Great White) last recording with “Sin.”  Most of the songs here fall into the hair metal genre, with “Cupid’s Gonna Bleed” and “Daddy Long Legs” ranging into Extreme territory.  “The Greatest” details Christ’s statement about loving God and then your neighbor as yourself.  “Cut Me Mick” reference the Rocky movie series, and is a plea for encouragement along with endurance.  “Been There, Done That” is a reminder that nobody is perfect, so salvation is a necessity.

80’s and 90’s metal fans won’t be able to get enough of these songs.  For more casual fans, some of the cover tracks will bring smiles, and several of the originals will as well.  If Liberty N Justice continues with a full time band and singer, it will be interesting to see what the next project brings.

Disc One – 3tocks

Disc Two –

Brian A. Smith

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