The Shilohs So Wild as reviewed in Phantom TollboothSo Wild is just that, a wild run through an LP full of emotion, excitement, reminiscence, and love.

So Wild
Artist: The Shilohs
Label:  Independent
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Duration:  12 tracks, 49:40


Fun, fun, fun…after a number of EPs, The Shiloh’s debut LP, So Wild, has everything a bright sunny day of youthful joy and love can possibly possess. In So Wild, the entire collection ebbs and flows easily giving smiles, nods of appreciation, and foot tapping fun.

The Vancouver, British Columbia indie rock band successfully brings a diversity of tunes with ‘60s-like hooks, melody, and harmony. So much so, there are moments the listener could swear they are listening to early Beatles out takes. So Wild is a great, fun listen with its simple message, loose feeling, tight harmony and instrumentation.

“This is Vancouver Music” opens with a great mesh of vocals, rhythm, and backing horns. Look out for “Get Ready Now” - upbeat with tight lead guitar breaks and solid percussion this song simply rocks. With deep bass and heartfelt vocals, “Sister Rose” winds out a pop song sounding so similar to The Knack you’d think the time machine dial has been turned back to the late ‘70’s / early 80s.

“Man of the Times” and  “TV Action Jazz” continue ‘60s melodies, bright lyrics, and great licks. The guitar lead and drums in “TV Action Jazz” has that raucous edge found in the Black Keys Brothers album. “Airliner Man” displays great guitar work and percussion similar to early Beatles offerings without a flaw. “The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go” shines with rollicking vocals, tight guitar, and great harp accents.

So Wild is just that, a wild run through an LP full of emotion, excitement, reminiscence, and love. Each song has something to offer and something to hold on to. Just awesome, light and fun. Thank the Lord for a break from the heavys of life! I’d like another please.

Scott S Mertens


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