Wales Road Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt and Take My Life covers.   Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt has great message.

Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt – CD
Take my Life – A Rock-U-Mentary – DVD
Artist: Wales Road
Label:  Independent
Release Date: 2011
Duration:  9 tracks, 33:06 (CD) 

With hot lead guitar, pounding percussion, and 70’s heavy rhythm, Wales Road throws metal faith on Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt. There’s a little Angus of AC/DC in the lead guitar, a little Black Sabbath in the rhythm guitar and synth, and at times a little Ozzy in the lead vocals.

With a mix of heavy 70’s and 80’s metal licks, “Take My Life” and “Super Hero” kick off the album. “Time Will Tell” continues the hot licks but losses continuity with droning lead vocals. “I Need You” shows inspiring lead guitar, best of the collection. “Turn Your Eyes On Jesus” gives true heart and soul. Poor mixing loses vocal quality on the acoustic offering “The Old Rugged Cross."

“Finish What You Started” completes the albums selection with beautiful guitar and percussion playing off each other and leading to hard rock breaks in this anthem, the most artistic of the collection. Interestingly, the extra tracks on this album include improved versions of “Super Hero” and “I Need You” with hot acoustic guitar and much improved vocals; both recorded from a live radio spot.

Musicianship is tight but good vocals are missing on some numbers. The faith-based lyrics are true and ever-present. There remains a spark of something new and different when the first few ‘70s-like rockers are omitted, the anthemic songs are highlighted, the acoustic songs are entered into the mix, and improved production is offered. Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt has great message; it just needs a boast in production.

To get a real feel for the band and their message, I strongly suggest viewing their DVD, Take my Life – A Rock-U-Mentary. The short, 11 chapter DVD tells the story behind Wales Road and specifically the story of bandleader Tommy Wales through the recollections of pastors, reviewers, band members and a production engineer. The message and direction are given great color by Tommy Wales in interviews. The DVD ends with credits run over a music video by the band. Wales Road’s drummer sums it up best by stating the band’s message is based on three E’s – to exalt Christ, evangelize, and edify.  “(Our intent is to) build you up with our music.”

Scott S Mertens


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