kristen graves - slow down as reviewed in Phantom TollboothSlow Down sparkles with truth and heartfelt warmth

Slow Down
Artist: Kristen Graves
Label:  Independent
Release Date: July 17, 2012
Duration:  5 tracks, 15:46 

With story telling ability similar to Tracy Chapman and voice similar to Alanis Morissette, Kristen Graves gives a message for our times. Graves inert ability to reach the listener with heartfelt lyrics is readily apparent in Slow Down. Like the proverbial ‘opera hook’, these lyrics pull the listener in.

Graves’ music is acoustic folk with pop overtones whose music matches lyrics in well-written expression. Her writing and missionary work give proof of the caring soul so easily experienced in her songs.

“Dear Mister” opens with a rub against today’s politic scene. This rocker speaks plainly to the mass’ frustrations with our government’s inability to work for their constituents. Well written with great movement, this song sticks.

“Seasons” tells of life’s changes with an ear to the seasons giving examples of change and how we adapt and grow. A slow acoustic number with a message of faithfulness in relationships follows with  “I Will Be Here”. With the percussion-lead cadence of a march, “Slow Down” tells of our need to do just that - focus on what matters.

Much like a Sarah McLachlan ballad “Your Song”, a piano lead tune, explains how the message of a song can be like a friend being there in times of need. This one winds through one’s heart like so many highs and lows of life. This is truly a song among songs.

All told, Slow Down sparkles with truth and heartfelt warmth. To strongly suggest this EP as a healing tool is an understatement. This one deserves a place in your library.

Scott S Mertens


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