Randy Stonehill Lazarus HeartRevisiting this classic means saying hello to old friends behind the mic and in the production.

Randy Stonehill
The Lazarus Heart (Re-release)
Born Twice Records

Good old Uncle Randy revisits 1994 with the re-released album The Lazarus Heart. Long admired in the CCM realm for his candor and guitar work, Stonehill has never shied away from his open love for God and the imperfections of himself and the rest of mankind.

Evidence of the respect for Stonehill's work is illustrated in the number of guests that appear on the record: 19. And you've heard of every single one of them, as well as co-writers like Dave Perkins and Terry Scott Taylor. Stonehill's own notes indicate his own time of friction and longing, an internal tension that lays beneath the songwriting.

Vocal versatility is shown through the album. "A Promise Made is a Promise Kept" reminds one of Richard Page (Mr Mister), while "Under the Rug" and "Troubles" combine Tom Petty with Daniel Amos. "Remember My Name" and "That's Why We Don't Love God" bring Dana Key to mind. "When I'm Afraid" is described by Stonehill himself as "Brian Wilson goes to Bible Study!"

Highlights: The guests, the quality of the lyrics ("Under the Rug" in particular, as well as "That's Why We Don't Love God"). Unwavering conviction. Memories of the first time I heard this album. Lowlights: The sound is definitely dated. Admittedly, I'm having to nitpick here. The Lazarus Heart is one of those records from the days in CCM where quality often slipped below the radar. It still holds up today.


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