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Artist: Andrew Osenga
Title: Leonard the Lonely Astronaut
Label: Rabbit Room
Length: 49:26 14 tracks

Andrew Osenga should flat out be a lot more known that he is. He is an excellent songwriter, musician, and producer with quite a resume. But being well known often has nothing to do with talent or the impact of one's art.

His most recent recording is Leonard the Lonely Astronaut. Don't let the unusual title put you off. These are songs of great depth about a relationship lost, damaged, and unrecoverable. Leonard really wants to be loved and to love. But the choices he’s made and events out his control have made this an impossible proposition. "Love is choosing someone other than yourself."

This record deals with divorce, death, and just how badly we can mess things up. If you've come close to anything like this in your own life you cannot help but be moved, challenged, and changed by this record. It is touching. It is human. It hits you where you live.

The music is excellent throughout and matches the depth of the lyrics. It draws on late 60s rock in some ways (note the Byrds-like 12 string guitar for example), yet is very current in other ways; a great mix that never loses its edge. And you will find in many instances on this record the magic that occurs when music and lyrics perfectly unite. It's a brilliant work that you will come back to often.

Leonard is in need of grace. Aren't we all?
“Only God can hold what’s dead and make it new.”


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