dennis jonesDennis Jones pulls no punches – instrumentally or lyrically – on My Kinda Blues...
My Kinda Blues
Dennis Jones
Blue Rock Records
13 tracks / 53:27

Sex, revenge and humor run through most classic bluesmen's repertoires, and Dennis Jones is no exception. Starting off with a blistering indictment of fallen televangelists featuring classic sound-bites, including Swaggart's famous tele-confession ('I have sinned against you, my Lord'), Jones offers a dozen fine examples of hot electric blues and one old-school acoustic outing. Jones is a fiery player incorporating stylistic and textural elements of everyone from Stevie-Ray to Jimi and even Zappa! The soloing is hot and dynamic and ably supported by drummer Michael Turner and bassist Samuel Correa. Jones' vocals are at first startlingly similar to Hendrix in timbre and cadence, the perfect vehicle for his often ironic and sometimes humorous rants against hypocrisy, former relationships, and even technology – sometimes the subjects overlap, like in "Text Us Girl," where he sings, "we used to have sex – now all we do is text." My Kinda Blues ends with a searing seven and a-half minute long slow, simmering, burning instrumental that will convince any doubter that Jones is a contender and has what it takes to become a major name in blues.

-Bert Saraco

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