Harry S Truman 33 picture. Music that feels like home

Title: 33: Harry S. Truman
Artist: Maxel Toft
Website: www.maxeltoft.com
Label: Indie Release
Time: 8 Tacks/20 mins

Fans of Sufjan Stevens will find a lot to like about Maxel Toft's music. If you were a fan of Sufjan's Seven Swans album then you will adore Toft's least release 33: Harry S. Truman (from his Presidents Series). These songs are straight from Appalachia. Each track is so warm and inviting when you hear them for the first time you feel like they are already a part of you. Maxel has the ability to write banjo heavy folk music that sounds like it has never been done before. The lyrics don't particularly center around Harry S. Truman though there are enough references to his rural upbringing; however, the completely out of context lyric, "Woodrow Wilson was a hip-hop pioneer" adds further confusion to exactly why this album is called Truman. Maxel has managed to create an album that is both cold and breathtaking while making you feel like you could live in these songs forever.