serrghiNight Of Light
Composer: Sophia Serghi
Artists: Alena Hellerova, Lucie Silkenova and Eliska Weissova
Morovian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conductor
Novona Records NV5866
5 Tracks
Running Length: 43 minutes
“Night of Light” uses the lush tones of the Morovian Philharmonic Orchestra in these tone poem settings of songs. Unfortunately, there is no translation of the words, so we don't know what is being sung. Vocal artists Alena Hellerova, Lucie Silkenova and Eliska Weissova are effective and move as one with the orchestra. Composer Serghi combines strings and percussion effectively with a wonderful cello solo in Track One and the use of bells on Track Two.
Track One and the reprisal Track Five, have an Easter theme beginning with two notes, C moving down to G, as a call that carries through the piece. We can imagine the sun (or perhaps, Son?) rising to a discordant world with pizzicato strings and driving intensity. There are vocals throughout the selections.
Track Two is, “Ikon,” is based on an impression of seeing a famous Ikon. Which one would have helped the listener. The flute solo is realistic in that you can hear the instrumentalist take breaths. Track Three, “Full Moon Haiku” and based on poetry by Nancy Schoenberg (oh, for a translation), is a romantic setting with full strings. Track Four, “Cantus Integritatis” moves quickly to Track Five, the final one, which is a reprisal of the beginning piece.
The instrumentation for all selections is detailed, lush and effective, as are the vocals. This is an orchestra that follows singers. How nice it would have been to follow the lyrics.
Copyright 2012 Marie Asner
A complimentary copy of “Night of Light” was supplied by Navona Records.