Love Is Patient-90An absolute gem of a record. Love Is Patient is not your typical verse chorus verse pop music.

Title: Love Is Patient
Artist: Brianna Gaither
Time: 8 tracks/37:49

Brianna Gaither found her gift after the tragic death of her mother from cancer at the age of 46. Brianna was 16 and she says when she sat down at the piano at that time, “There was such a downpour, there’s no way it wasn’t God. I sat down to play something and all of a sudden He started giving me things.”

One listen to Love Is Patient testifies to the truth of this statement.

This is not your typical verse chorus verse pop music. Some songs are musical suites that flow with changes like pop symphonies; some songs are very creative indie pop music. You can hear classical influences in places, but in a subtle way. And it's all quite accessible in the best sense of the word - accessible but never trite.

Brianna possesses an impressive vocal range and uses this to great effect throughout. There are harmonies that are truly stirring ("Find You", "Faithful"). Love Is Patient is full of beautifully executed music.

The arrangements and production on this record are impressive, especially considering this is an indie release. It does seem the state of independent recording is tending to be like that these days, however, and we all benefit from it.

There are lyrics that will move you and make you think. Thoughtful, ponderous, hopeful, and poetic lyrics. Some will strike you immediately and some you will have to go back to. This is what great writing is all about.

On a record full of excellence, the song "Faithful" stands out as perfection. You will never hear a better song about a faithful God.

"My feet are planted in the sand
You are, you are constant as the tide
And I see that it's hard to understand
You are changing, you are moving
But you're never losing stride
I'm a child once again
There's movement in the dark
I'm a child in your hand
And though my body is an anchor
There's movement in my heart"

Although a young Brianna had insisted on taking piano lessons, she ended up hating them. However, her mother insisted that she stick with the piano. Brianna said, “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God that she was so determined about piano.”  We can all be thankful too.


Larry Stephan

Love Is Patient is currently available on Noisetrade (7/2012):

You can see the official video for "Find You" here:

Brianna is currently finishing up a live album called The Living Room Session to be released later this year.

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