Amaziah Straight Talker as reviewed by The Phantom TollboothInteresting for historical purposes only.

Amaziah - Straight Talker
Straight Talker
(c)2011 Born Twice Records

I have to admit, when I found out that something from the days of Tunesmith Records was being reissued, I took notice. The only thing I had owned by Amaziah was a sampler vinyl disc. Dated sound, but I liked the two songs from that sampler. Enter present reissue. Sometimes, the past should remain in the past, not to be dug up. For archivists of Jesus music and the early rock scene, this may appeal to a collector, but make no bones about this. Most of the "Christian" music coming out in the late 70's to the early 80's was definitely behind their secular counterparts. Production quality rarely existed then, and in most cases, it was laughable. As a church brat, there wasn't much to sink your teeth into that was acceptable to your parents. Looking back, I honestly wish there had been a "Christian" version of Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple that held up to what was clearly inferior music. On to this disc.

Amaziah was a British ministry band that toured quite a bit in the early to mid 70's. Taken from the website, "The origins of Amaziah go back to the early 1970s. Astonishingly, in the light of the heavy metal band Amaziah were to become, they were originally a 13-piece choir with a seven-piece backing band. The original aggregation were originally formed to perform a musical penned by America's Jimmy and Carol Owens called 'Come Together' that was being performed at Bristol's Colston Hall and had originally featured as its narrator American Pat Boone..." This is all interesting, but quality, definitely not, and heavy metal too? The liner notes even try to dress this disc up as something worthy of attention. I'm sorry, but I'd rather listen to Bryn Haworth, Giantkiller, or Andy McCarroll and Moral Support.

Sorry if this bothers anyone, but don't waste your time or money on this. The history of the band is an interesting read though. For that, I give it one click.(

Oh, and one more thing. You might think that based on the cover, the engine underneath is powerful. However, it feels like you've bought a Yugo. Remember those?



February 2012