Danen Kane Love Is Waiting reviewed in The Phantom TollboothA record that encourages, challenges, and grows more interesting with each listen.

Artist: Danen Kane
Label: Danen Kane Music LLC
Release Date: May 20, 2011
Duration: 12 tracks, 48:54

Danen Kane’s press release states “This record draws musically from a variety of influences including European rock, earthy jazz and America’s best singer/songwriter tradition. Lyrically, the album is filled with vivid songs about life, faith and relationships.” This is indeed accurate.

Love Is Waiting is an example of a recording that has pop music sensibilities and potential radio/mass market without compromised artistry. The question of whether this record is recognized and accepted in the mass market however is not important. The point is that this is a record that encourages and challenges. And a record that absolutely grows more interesting with repeated listen, both musically and lyrically.

Musically the record has top notch production qualities without being over-produced. Danen’s vocals are quite versatile encompassing a number of styles, and they all work. The musicianship is excellent and well thought out.

Lyrically there is much to glean here. The lyrics are not cryptic, which makes sense for this project. Danen makes it clear that it’s OK for us to be broken; it’s OK for us to be honest about our failures. God loves us through it all.

“My greatest desire is to live a life that truly matters, to be obedient to Him in all things,” he says. “Yet it doesn’t take long for me to falter in that goal—either in thought, action, or both. But God loves me regardless." These are words we all need to hear. As Danen writes in his song "Inheritance":

"I don’t ever want to fail you
I don’t ever want to veer no no
And even though I’m prone to wander like a prodigal son
Yes, Your grace on me still bleeds"

Be encouraged, be challenged, and enjoy some really good music.

You can find out more about Danen Kane and his music at his website:



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