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Multi-cultural worship shakes heaven and earth

Shake Heaven
Artist: Victory World Music (
Label: Independent
Length: 12 tracks/1 hour

On “Shake Heaven,” the title track from Victory World Music, listeners hear “gonna shake heaven / takin’ back the music.” This talented group of worship leaders takes back the music by infusing popular music styles with praise and adoration to God.

In particular, the first four tracks rely heavily on programming to put the celebration of God into a modern urban context. Club beats, hip-hop and R&B join together. Although the soulful style is heard throughout, the electronic urban grooves are most prominent in these early tracks.

The songs that follow have more organic instrumentation and rely less on synthesized sounds. The rest of the recording moves closer to modern worship but the artistry and production save it from the generic forms that characterize much of the genre. New life gets breathed into tired expressions through creative variety.

“Hungry” and “Breathe” are new, not the popular worship anthems from a few years ago. In fact, all of the songs are new, which is the fruit of a desire to create original material.

Towards the end of this release it gets more acoustic with less production as the songs transition from praise to worship. “Lifter of My Head” is a beautiful piano-driven ballad with strings. It includes the lovely line, “Jesus, save me from all of my sadness / pour on the oil of gladness.”

“These Hands” is an epic song that creatively expresses God’s many works. The more praise-oriented “You Are” is a delightful change-up with its upbeat, joyful outlook.    

The smooth-voiced singing, a variety of music styles and stellar production make this unique. The urban, R&B influence has a broad multi-cultural appeal, which is part of what Victory World Church is all about. They seek to be a place where all nations and cultures worship together.  

This is the debut release from the music side of their ministry, led by Montell and Kristin Jordan. Montell Jordan enjoyed mainstream R&B success before becoming a full-time music minister at the church.    

Michael Dalton