A remedy for the times

Label: 4K Records
Length: 11 songs/44 minutes

Keep moving. Bob Dylan said it was a key to health. On GO, the latest solo release by John Schlitt, he sings along the same lines:

No time to stop
Just take your shot
Keep movin’ on

Everyone has something to give. Even in a time of isolation, we can move forward by praying, reading, writing, giving, etc. One thing I learned in retail, there is always something to do.

It’s a pleasure to hear an album that is so straightforward both musically and lyrically. Encouragement abounds, which should come as no surprise to those who have followed Schlitt’s career. He aims to help Christians experience all that God has for them. The sound is similar to his former bands, Head East and Petra.

You might never know that Schlitt has been singing for more than four decades. His voice is strong, and he uses it in the best possible ways.

“Where is the truth,” he sings on “Fake News.” Heavy music gives a feeling of doom and gloom. He decries, “Phony experts … holding us hostage to the fake news.” He points to something more trustworthy: “our faith, a sacred treasure/a strength we must defend.” It echoes the exhortation found in Scripture, “Guard the treasure entrusted to you, with the help of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us” (2 Timothy 1:14 Berean Study Bible).

On the bright side is “Find a Way,” my personal favorite. Strong acoustic strumming. A solid hand-clap following the kick of a bass drum. Allusions to a shared journey to heaven, “All aboard will ride together/And we will make our great escape/Like a dream of love in Camelot/I’ll remember you this way.” Soaring harmonies on the chorus are euphoric.

The supporting cast on this release provides a fresh take on a classic rock sound. This is predominantly guitar-driven with some interesting variations.

“Go” has a world music influence, similar to some of Robert Plant’s solo work. “Feel It” is fast-paced rock n’ roll. “Where Would I Be” is Motown inspired complete with gospel singers and horns. “Fighting the Fight” is power pop with vulnerability.

This is a mature work from a seasoned artist.

Michael Dalton