Guitarist Jean Sandoval dips into the sound of all and creates a half-dozen songs that break the Sandoval mold…

Sound of All – Music by Jean Sandoval – Episode One
John Sandoval    
6 tracks 29:31

Guitarist/producer/arranger/songwriter Jean Sandoval’s self-produced Sound of All, Episode One – Music by Jean Sandoval is a half-hour audio tour of a more personal side of the artist than what we’ve heard in the past. The always-excellent Sandoval Band has usually been associated with a distinctly Latin-flavored contemporary gospel sound – a more urban version of the CCM band, Salvador, or even a more gospel-oriented version of Santana. This time, leave those expectations at the door as we get a half-dozen musical ideas from the heart, mind, and soul of Sandoval without preconceived musical pathways in towe.


Of course, Jean Sandoval is still the same man, so expect some funk, blues, jazz, and gospel. On this more personal project, though, there’s a more contemporary ambiance streaming through the music with occasional electronics and crisp modern production (“Fake News” sounds like nothing we’ve heard from Sandoval before). Underneath it all is hooky songwriting, excellent performances and a lot of soul. Using a variety of singers (including long-time Sandoval Band vocalist George Colon), Sandoval touches on strong, punchy pop augmented by horns, classic rock, blues (check out the licks on “Got Nothin’ Without You”) jazz (“Say Amen”) and always soul (“Secret Place”). The guitarist even flirts with a country rock sound on the Nashville-ready “You Gotta’ Let Go.”

Guest vocalists on the songs are George Colon, Jerry L Sharpe, Jen Durkin, Jessica Reese, Estabon Ramos, and Amy Sandoval – who all do a fine job. As always, Jean’s guitar work is a pleasure to listen to – and even though there are new sounds on these tracks, the blues-based rock/jazz is there, woven through all six songs. On this, his most personal statement, Sandoval shows that embracing the ‘sound of all’ can open musical doors to places that the artist has not ventured before – but should. Episode two should be quite interesting.


Sound of All – Music by Jean Sandoval, Episode One is available now on various streaming services.


 -Bert Saraco

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