The Voice Goes On

Nothing To Fear
Vocalist: Jennifer Shaw
Accompanying Musicians: Jeremy Johnson (keyboard), Dave Cleveland (guitar), Gary Luna (bass), Scott Williamson (percussion), David Davidson and David Angell (violin), Monisa Angell (viola) and Carole Rabinowitz (cello).
ThisSideUp, LLC 2018  7-98577-12552-2
10 Tracks
Running Length: 50 Minutes 

To read vocalist Jennifer Shaw’s bio is like reading a book. Not only is she an award-winning vocalist (“God Loved The World”), but an author (“Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed My Faith And My Song,”) a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music and a former music professor at Cedarville University. Let us also add, married and proud mother of three biological and three adopted children. If that weren’t enough. Shaw found time to put together this album, “Nothing To Fear,” featuring her music and music of other musicians. 

Jennifer Shaw has a clear voice and enunciation, which brings forth the lyrics of her songs, that have messages such as having nothing to fear as you move forward (“Nothing To Fear” which is the first track on this CD.) Shaw has written eight of the ten songs on the CD, and arranged two of them. “A Greater Love” (second track) has the precise lines of  “there’s a greater love than any love this world can give” and “My love’s a small reflection, just a glimpse of this in part.”  “Forever Family” has a catchy melody and lyrics, “Everybody needs…a forever family.” Great for group singing. An example of arranging another composer’s song is “It Is Well With My Soul,” the familiar hymn, and given new impetus here. Shaw’s voice is the highlight of each song and with instrumentalists backing her as a team, it is a good mix. 

“Porch Swing” is my favorite on this CD and was written in memory of a friend of Shaw’s who has passed away. The friend’s favorite place to sit was on a porch swing. After having a hiatus from being a music performer, Jennifer Shaw is back in action. This CD will please fans and be an introduction for others to her style of music. 


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