Talisco’s airy, widescreen soundscapes have a magic ingredient that gives them instant appeal.

Label: Believe Digital
Time: 11 tracks / 41 mins

Major advertisers have an uncanny nous when it comes to choosing music to back TV ads, knowing it needs to connect with a wide audience. Sometimes they take a safe option and use a proven classic, but when the budget is tighter, they can find an up-and-coming talent that creates the right mood.

Toyota’s agency chose French artist Talisco for a recent campaign in the US (where this disc is now being launched after hitting Europe in 2014), and opener “Your Wish” – with its consumer-friendly lyric – has been used by such global brands as Google and HBO.

Something about the instant accessibility and light freshness of these tracks reminds me a little of Black, who also had success from exposure on TV adverts early on.

Talisco describes himself as an electro-folk artist. It’s not a bad term, but it suggests more swishing synths than we actually get; and the disc’s electric colours fully coat the simple, airy melodies that can only just be termed ‘folk’.

The telecaster is hardly my favourite guitar; it always seems so tinny and gutless, but when Talisco experiments with its sound, those trebly characteristics become strengths as he creates something sharp and shiny. That is where his ‘electro’ comes from.

The ‘folk’ part can be seen on the closing “Lovely” – a well-named, understated, simple song – and “So Old,” a beautiful Future of Forestry-like highlight and very folky, albeit with a slightly distorted vocal.

That mix of polish and slight distortion helps to give this collection its own appealing style.

Talisco stretches out stylistically, too: “Follow Me” swims in a pool of twangy surf guitar; “Everyone” has a Spaghetti Western whistle running through it, and “Sorrow” reflects a bit of Cream’s “I Feel Free,” suitable for a new century.

Run’s pop sensibility and fresh character carry some fine tunes and hooks. This is very easy repeat listening.

Derek Walker