Steve Hindalong’s voice is much more confident that it was on Skinny.

The Warbler
Artist: Steve Hindalong

With a period of almost twenty years between solo works, a few things become apparent rather quickly while listening to The Warbler. One is that Steve Hindalong’s voice is much more confident that it was on Skinny. In fact, it approaches his Choir bandmate Derri Daugherty at times. Second is that Hindalong’s trademark lyrics about love, bandmates, and life’s struggles with faith and persistence are here as well, bringing with them an honesty that more artists should embrace.

“For a Lifetime” is a portrayal of love: “I fell in love with you in a moment for a lifetime.” “That’s How It’s Gonna Be” speaks of the unstoppable nature of love. “Lucky and Blessed” depicts a man who feels exactly that. “O Jimmy A” reminds us of The Choir’s “Mr. Chandler” as it discusses life on the road and the interaction of band members.

“Cloudburst” features harmonica and violin, and offers some of the more wistful lyrics on the disc:

“You got to carry your cross to the top of the hill
But we all live with a longing unfulfilled.”

“Outta My Mind” has a country-ish intro, and reminds us to try to keep things simple. “The Warbler” is emotional and passionate. “The Antithesis of Blue” opens with studio chatter, and features Lynn Nichols and a banjo background from Jimmy A.

For those who have had the privilege of meeting Steve Hindalong, this album will make you both happy and proud of him. This is an extremely strong record.

Brian A. Smith