Where The Light Shines Through is a noteworthy addition to the Switchfoot collector being fun and easy to listen to.

Artist: Switchfoot
Label: Concord Vanguard
Release Date: July 8, 2016
Duration: 15 tracks, 1:00:24


With Switchfoot’s tenth album in 20 years, Where The Light Shines Through continues their progression in musical growth while retaining their message, not an easy feat in today’s ever-changing music culture. They remain one of the strongest CCM messengers while continuing to be at the forefront of modern pop rock with Where The Light Shines Through.

“Holy Water" opens the collection hitting hard with good breaks later smoothly leading into “Float”, which completely changes the direction and momentum being lighter and poppier. “Where The Light Shines Through” is classic Switchfoot in message and lyrics with playful rhythm accented by loud and at times brash guitar.

“I Won’t Let You Go” is one song among a number on this album which falls in line with many current CCM ballads being lack-luster in meaningful message having ‘the same old story’, something a little unusual for Switchfoot. Here, Foreman’s vocals occasionally stretch a little too high sounding scratchy and out of place.

Where The Light Shines Through has a good number of songs with a greater pop influence when compared to previous releases. One example is “If The House Burns Down Tonight” being poppy, catchy and having great hooks. Conversely, “The Day That I Found God” is solemn with deep feeling brought forward by solid lyrics and wanting vocals.

In a more experimental track, “Looking For America” featuring a duet with Lecrae provides an interesting joint venture of supporting rap to Foreman’s vocals together delivering a strong message. Big bass and uneven kick drum beat with lyrics both lost and lonely make “Light And Heavy” stick, something new and unique.

Overall, Where The Light Shines Through starts strong but winds out slowly, thankfully the final few songs save the day. While not one of their standout albums, Where The Light Shines Through is a noteworthy addition to the Switchfoot collector being fun and easy to listen to.



Scott S Mertens